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Menu A


RM 25 per pax
16 Disches

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My Kitchen Buffet Gathering Services Menu A

MENU A     RM 25.00 per pax
1.  Garden Salad With Thousand Island Sauce
2.  Indonesian Fried Chicken
3.  Stir-Fry Curry Leaf White Shell Prawn
4.  Fish Finger With Tartar Sauce
5.  Deep Fried Four Season Rolls 
6.  Stir-Fry Squids A*LA MALAYSIA
7.  Sweet and Sour Seafood Beancurd
8.  Chicken Curry With Potatoes
9.  Golden Fried Crab Claw With Breadcrumb
10. Hong Kong Style Fried Mee
11. Stir-Fry Mixed Vegetables With Seafood
12. Siam Style Fried MEE HOON
13. Garlic Butter Fried Rice
14. Variety Kuih-Kuih Nyonya
15. Orange Cordial
16. Tropical Mixed Fruits